Soil type Help!

I recently went to Web Soil survey to see what type of soil i have. Well im not sure what to change my soil to. Here is what it shows,granted my front lawn is different than the rear.


VVVVVVVThis is the front yard VVVVVVVV

Description of Georgeville, Moderately Eroded

  • Landform: Interfluves, ridges
  • Landform position (two-dimensional): Summit
  • Landform position (three-dimensional): Interfluve
  • Down-slope shape: Convex
  • Across-slope shape: Linear
  • Parent material: Residuum weathered from metavolcanics and/or residuum weathered from metasedimentary rock and/or residuum weathered from slate
Typical profile
  • A - 0 to 8 inches: silt loam
  • Bt - 8 to 32 inches: silty clay
  • BCt - 32 to 51 inches: silt loam
  • C - 51 to 80 inches: silt loam


Description of Tarrus

  • Landform: Hillslopes
  • Landform position (two-dimensional): Backslope
  • Landform position (three-dimensional): Side slope
  • Down-slope shape: Linear
  • Across-slope shape: Convex
  • Parent material: Clayey residuum weathered from sericite schist
Typical profile
  • A - 0 to 3 inches: loam
  • Bt - 3 to 30 inches: clay
  • Cr - 30 to 80 inches: bedrock

@Static, I would recommend using the sandy loam(default I believe) setting. I don’t think silty loam exists in the app but I definitely have silty loam as my native soil and sandy loam has worked well for me. I have had to tweak thinks like allowed depletion and root depth but you can make it work. Not sure how much the actual soil type drives the amount of water usage but you can tweak other variables.