Soil type for Southfield Michigan

Not sure which soil type to select… See below results from soil map. If I understand correctly, AWC is 0.15 but the soil type is confusing. Any help appreciated! Thank you!

Soil map results attached:
SoilMap.pdf (89.8 KB)

I’d recommend removing your address from this post…I might set grass zones to loam, and deeper rooted tree zones to clay, based on the profile. Of course all this is assuming you don’t have a lot of non-native soil on your property…

As for soil type,

Description of Blount

  • Landform: Knolls on moraines, flats on lake plains, drainageways on moraines, drainageways on lake plains
  • Landform position (three-dimensional): Rise
  • Down-slope shape: Linear
  • Across-slope shape: Convex
  • Parent material: Loamy ablation till
Typical profile
  • H1 - 0 to 7 inches: loam
  • H2 - 7 to 30 inches: clay
  • H3 - 30 to 60 inches: silty clay loam

Thanks @tmcgahey! Removed. In terms of soil type, the confusing thing to me is that it shows Blount and Lenawee. I’m in Oakland county and never heard of Blount or Lenawee. Lenawee looks like a different soil type…

There are thousands of specific soil types around the country that are region specific, but at the end of the day, they can fall into the sand, loam, clay, or some version of a mixture.

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I’m just not sure whether to look at the soil types under Blount or under Lenawee. Any suggestions there?

Ok forget it - I think I understand, my soil type is both Blount-Lenawee which means some:
H1 - 0 to 7 inches: loam
H2 - 7 to 30 inches: clay
H3 - 30 to 60 inches: silty clay loam
And some:
H1 - 0 to 9 inches: silty clay loam
H2 - 9 to 33 inches: silty clay loam
H3 - 33 to 60 inches: silty clay loam