Soil Type (Evaluation)

I used the following technique to evaluate my soil:

I’m at 50% loam, 30% clay, 15% silt, 5% organic matter.

What soil type in Rachio does this map to?



I’m guessing a clay loam? I’m curious to see what the guys who know this soil stuff say.

I found this neat soil texture triangle on the CSU website.


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Based on this link, I was reading it wrong.

The stuff at the bottom is sand - largest particles.

The stuff in the middle is silt.

The stuff at the top is clay.

So looks like 50% sand, 30% silt, 20% clay.

Based on the soil texture triangle above (thank you for posting it), I have “Loam”.


I’ve included a picture of my soil. From my interpretation based upon what was posted before I’m getting about 45% Sand, 11%Silt, 43% Clay, thus ‘Clay’ according to the posted chart. Thoughts?