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Hi, I was hoping someone could recommend what soil type I should use. In the soil survey I literally have a line down the middle of my house / yard with two different soil types on each side:

Take a look at this document maybe it can help you in the decision.

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I’d look at the bigger picture (zoom out) and see which map unit / soil type is the dominant or most widespread. They may also have similar properties so take a look at the data for both. Reading the soil descriptions and then looking at the actual soil though may help make the choice. There are usually descriptors (like color) that non-soil scientists can use to help ID.

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Also I found this

It has a lot of information for your county.


Thanks for the replies. I was hoping I could pick a soil choice “in the middle” of the two on my property and adjust the intake rate to the mid point as well. I have silty clay loam and silt loam, neither of which are explicitly a choice for the Rachio. So, I was thinking of choosing “silty clay” for the Rachio which has a water intake closest to my two values and adjusting the water intake to 0.17 (which is approximately the mid point of the two soil types). Would that be appropriate?

From what I understand, the soil type only affects how often the Rachio will run water/soak cycles. You can then go in and change the default available water. I needed my lawn to run more soak cycles so I chose clay soil type, then lowered available water to the correct value. So, like you suggested, I would start with 0.17, and keep an eye on the lawn to be sure the water amount is correct over the next few weeks. Don’t worry too much about soil type, available water is the important value.

Great, thanks for your help

Well said. I use the same approach.

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