Soil mositure resets after quick run

Have been using my Rachio 3 for a week and I love it. Everything is great, except when I run a quick run.

Soil moisture normally works well. Most my zones are 50-90% moisture this morning, except a zone I did a 3-minute quick run on. It shows 4% moisture. This isn’t correct because before I ran it, it was 50%+ moisture. It ran for several hours this week. This problem has happened on other zones as well.

Has anyone else noticed a quick run causing moisture to restart from 0%?

I have not noticed that, but just tried a quick run on one of my zones. I did not experience the same thing. How long was your quick run? I wonder if it just needed refreshing. Have you looked at your soil moisture graph and details? I really do not know what would cause that, mostly grasping at straws.