Soil Moisture

What do your moisture details zone for the zone that watered show? We may at least be able to figure out why Rachio thought it needed to water.

You know TONS more about this than I do, but one thing I have noticed is that when I’ve had lots of rain day after day, because the system only goes to that 110% threshold, my soil doesn’t dry out as fast as Rachio thinks it’s going to dry – I don’t have any tools to measure the actual soil moisture reading, but if I still see water sitting on top of the ground, I know it’s not dry enough yet to water. (I think someone else in the community called it “super-saturation”).

We have had a very wet spring and start of summer in western Minneapolis suburbs. I configured the Rachio, but didn’t install it for a week. On install, it realized that we had rain during the week and adjusted the water required down.

Linn, I’m only speculating here but I think because I’m restricted to two watering days a week Wed/Sat that it was maybe worried about the time span between the watering days and possibly using the forecast for the days in between. I just found it odd that it only did that for zone 1 and no others and zone 1 has a decent slope.

And we are definitely super saturated but that is nothing new for this area. I was mainly just trying to get a handle on why it thought it needed to water so I can force it to conserve even more. The difference btwn the Rachio and the one I replaced is I would have had to call my wife and tell her to turn the old one off b/c I was out of town when it watered. And the bright side is I didn’t have to do that and it only watered 8 minutes compared to an hour +.

Missed a couple of days but not much change and we just had another storm roll thru here.

That’s it! Flex Daily is tough when severely restricted on days. It will look ahead and make a determination on whether it things it will fall below AD by the time it needs to water and will “top off” in order to make it…

When limited like this, Flex Daily might show some odd watering behavior while it tried to keep enough water in the ground.


Troy, any way to over come this? I’m in the same boat tonight didn’t get rain today(don’t need any water tomorrow am) and the forecast for the next few days is more rain.

I went ahead and took a look at my controller and it actually added tomorrow back to the schedule so I just activated the manual skip.

Not really. Not sure if lowering AD would help, but what would that do overall?

I just played with some advanced settings on zone 1 to see if I could slow down soil moisture loss to see if I can match it up better.

Trying to dry down some but it is thundering as I type this. But my zones have already dropped to the 31% so I need to figure out a way to slow them down. I was out of town most of the day today so I don’t know how much sun we actually got but I don’ think it was that much. I also included an actually pic of the yard so it’s not just numbers and a colored graph.

Top of the slope is definitely getting dry. All my zones sitting on 0% waiting for Wed morning.

Here is a side by side comparison between yesterdays moisture vs. todays moisture after a 16 minute cycle of zone 1. Getting the moisture dialed in and now we are under the gun of a tropical system, life along the Gulf coast. Forecast is up to 10+ inches of rain.

More than my average annual totals here in AZ… :rofl::crazy_face::frowning_face:

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We can get that in a few hours…:crazy_face:

I haven’t posted in this thread in a bit but here is a visual of my front yard. When it doesn’t rain a whole lot I can actually keep my moisture pretty well dialed in near the optimum range.


@gaustin stop it! You are going to make me want to go out and buy one of these gizmos!


@tmcgahey, I do sell them.

Yea, I don’t need another $2000 toy! :rofl:


Hi all, we’re soliciting input from the community on how people are using soil sensors (or how they would want to). Going to post this here in case anyone browsing here is interested: How do you interact with soil sensors?

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@drew_thayer, are ya’ll exploring in ground sensors that communicate with the Rachio controller?

@gaustin correct, we’re exploring in-ground, movable sensors that would provide live data to the Rachio system on a property.