Soil Moisture Values Rapidly Changing

I had a rain today and found that the default WI+ was not accurately reporting the amount of precip. I received at my house. I changed to a local PWS within .29 miles of my house and found that their precip. total was within .03" of mine.

When I look at my zones I saw that the soil moisture values were updated (I was scheduled a run tomorrow since all of my zones were nearing 0%) real-time as I would expect. What I didn’t expect was that when I refreshed my screen those soil moisture values for some of my 6 zones were drastically changing. Here are a few screen shots showing the rapid change when refreshing my screen.

Any idea as to why these values continue to switch once refreshed?

And now the values are back to where they were this morning prior to the 0.75" of rain. Does the software only take into consideration the WI+ rain data real-time and only update the PWS one time at midnight? I’m confused with this.

I, too, have been noticing some refresh oddities.

When I view “Irrigation | Zones”, it shows my Soil Moisture for each zone, say 8%. When I got into the zone, I also see 8%. However, when I go to the chart and table, it showed a higher 100%. When I then go back to the Zones, the Soil Moisture is updated. The other day, I know the values (the ones I did not view the graph or chart) were staying at 8% for more than 12 hours and I know they were higher without refreshing. I tried refreshing, closing, and anything else that I could think of. It would not refresh the Soil Moister until I went to the graph and back.

This is a known display problem. I hope they are working on it!!!