Soil moisture update time

Hey, I wonder what is the update time for soil moisture daily?
I’ve noticed that having my flex daily start at 6AM I end up with some zones having more than 50% water depleted but not run the same morning. That is especially important on a hot sunny days, when it would go to 0% easily during day. I’ve set the start time to 6:40 and it seems to be more helpful, but I’m not sure.

And in general it would be great to have soil moisture updated more often in that case.

I was actually wondering the same thing

The system checks flex daily schedules 12 and 1 hours before they run. If the forecasted ET for the day brings the zone moisture level to 0% we decide to irrigate.


If I have water depletion threshold set to 50% it shouldn’t be 0%, right?

I also had some issues with the local weather station and I switched to the other one, but still what I observed is that I see irrigation turned on, checking the app it says that going to run only in one zone and the moisture level of two other zones is already less than 50%.

Also, when I look at the zone moisture graph, it clearly in daily data points. So which time of the day is that data points logged?

This was confusing to me first time that I saw it as well. When the moisture level on the zone says 0% it is actually whatever you set your water deletion threshold to, in your case 50%

In other words, the bottom line on the moisture level chart is actually your 50% mark. So the actual numbers are a percentage of a percentage — what you are seeing documented is how close you are getting to that 50% mark. And when it reaches 0% on this chart, you are at 50% depleted, and it needs to water


@Linn Thanks for clearing that up!


Thanks @Linn :slight_smile: That was unexpected.

Now the only question left - what’s the update time for the zone moisture level graph.

It’s immediate. Any recorded irrigation or precipitation events will show up for that day and adjust moisture levels. There is a lag from the calendar to moisture graph since we do only check the calendar every 12/1 hour before flex daily schedule run.