Soil moisture showing 0% despite watering

All of the sudden this year my rachio is showing 0 for all zones all the time despite watering. Nothing was changed in the app.

If I go into the actual soil moisture it shows a percentage. see images below. It also seems to be watering every day so I am worried it isn’t taking the correct moisture into account. It did not water nearly this much last year.

Can you post “MORE DETAILS” data for your zones most likely you are watering probably less than the evapotranporation of your grass for the day and can you also post your zone advance settings and someone in the community will chime in to help you dial in your zones

of course after I posted this it shows the correct ammount of moisture instead of 0%. will go ahead and post the info requested as well. Although it was fine with those settings all last year.

Here is the settings for that one zone. all the others are configured similar. I have St. Augustine Grass and the soil type I got from the survey site posted here.

Noticed your root zone is 6 inches warm season grass default is 9 inches also did by any chance have a close by PWS If you do I’d choose the station

I looked up St augustine and it said 6 inches was the depth, should I still set it to 9 or is it not a warm season grass? As far as a close by pws I am pretty sure there is one fairly close as I live in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex where do you go to specify the exact weather station again?

Here is where I got the 6" from.

I would set it as a default to 9 inches for the PWS “More” tab on your Rachio app, select “controller settings” , then choose “weather intelligence” or “weather intelligence plus” (depending on your controller’s generation).

Select the weather station listed under “weather data source”.
The weather station menu will open and display available weather stations in your area will
(Listed based on distance from your home).

Your chosen soil type also means the soil can only handle a small amount of moisture. If you change that to a loam your watering reservoir will get larger.


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yeah I went with what the survey sight said it was. should I change it to loam anyway ? I just want to make sure it is as accurate as possible and the grass stays healthy :slight_smile: