Soil Moisture readings

I was wondering. Recently I see in the zone info the soil moisture displayed as 0% while opening the graph/table I see other values like 69%

In the zone info screen I see for all zone with cool season grass a soil moisture of 0%, not changing at all. This while dripline zones display normal values for soil moisture.

What is wrong here ?

Grtz Maurice

The percentages on the moisture graph represent the moisture level (as a function of Allowed Depletion) at the end of the day. It stayed at zero for multiple days because Rachio is calculating that your grass will need .53", .49", and .51" of water for the days of 6/11-6/13 based on environmental conditions, while you are only putting down .37" daily. Each of those days, you technically didn’t water enough to cover what the grass needed.

Then on 6/14, you had a much larger watering (added an extra manual watering?), which covered the daily demand, and gave you a little reserve. But for today, and the coming days, you are back to watering less than the demand, so you will slowly drop back towards 0%.

You must have manually adjusted your watering. The frequency and amount being applied doesn’t seem right based on crop ET.

@Mauske I have iPhone app v.4.12.1 and can’t see ‘Soil Moisture’ or the graph online or in App
How did you get the info to show?

// Martin

go to your zones.
Select a zone.
In the screen some watering info is shown inluding the percentage soil moisture
Click on the soil moisture and the graph screen with table opens.

@Mauske I dont have that option in my app?

You need to be using Flex Daily Schedules.

@tmcgahey: thanks I was not aware it only shows up in flex schedules.


Why doesn’t the amount of moisture added from Flex Irrigation change when you change the amount of time the zone runs in the schedule?

I changed the schedule for this zone from 20 minutes to 5 minutes but the amount of water added from Flex Irrigation didn’t change. I waited a few days for the schedule to run the zone at 5 minutes and checked the moisture table the next day but it still shows the same amount of moisture added when it had run for 20minutes.