Soil moisture - rain

Add a RAIN button to Soil Moisture page to adjust soil moisture % to account for rain (actual and forecast).
Every time it rains its a hassle to manually adjust moisture up to 100%.

Do you not have a fairly accurate weather station in your area that you can pull data from?


Then why the need to adjust? Rachio will pull that data from that weather station. In 3+ years, I think I have adjusted the soil moisture levels 2 or 3 times, and that is because our monsoon storms in Arizona can have VERY localized weather, and the station less than a mile from my house can receive completely different rainfall amounts…

I do have accurate weather station within a mile. Its not adjusting. We had 3 days of heavy rain and my soil moisture only says 15%. User would be able to turn off Rain adjustments. Have rachio 2.

Is that weather station available in the Rachio PWS system, and if so, do you have Rachio pointing to it? Can you expand the “more detail” on the date range where you had the rainfall?

Yes it is a PWS station and its using it. I dont see more info on past rain events. It was in standby mode. Maybe i just need to look over the setting more.

Honestly, not sure how standby affects things. It might start a clean slate on startup. If the PWS is registering rainfall, Rachio should see it and automatically adjust.

Ill try a diff station and let you know if rain continues to not adjust soil moisture.

I switched to a different weather station and it now accounts for rain accumulation. soil moisture now has increased to 110% after overnight rain and no watering in the last 8 days. SO Soil Moisture DOES account for rain, but some weather stations may not report past rain totals.

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Flex Daily Schedules in Standby do continue to log everything- was great to track soil moisture to know when I’d need to take the controller out of standby.

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Yes, Rachio rely’s on the PWS system, and some PWS’s are better than others. It is pretty easy to look them up and see their historical rainfall, temps, etc to make sure you chose the right one.


I would like to have a graduated scale between 0 and 100%.
Fill or Empty seems a tad crude.

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