Soil moisture not correct

Soil moisture went up today, but it did not rain nor did the irrigation turn on. However, zone soil moisture is showing .38 in irritation? I’m confused. Can anyone make sense of this?

Just checked history and saw this. Why did they turn on if nothing was scheduled?

I don’t know why it wasn’t scheduled, but according to your moisture graph, it needed to. But I think the zone is getting confused: Flex Daily put 0.25" of water down on 5/18 and will again on 5/22. But today a different schedule put down the 0.38". That’s sure to confuse things, if you’re putting down more water with a separate program than you are with Flex Daily. Although today’s times do say it was for a Flex Daily schedule, but the graph shows it as Other. What zone do you have posted in your first post?