Soil Moisture No Longer Displayed


I have the Rachio2 System and since moving in, its always displayed soil moisture levels. It has stopped showing soil levels all of a sudden.

It was displaying the Soil Moisture Levels at 11:00PM Saturday 10/5. It was not displaying Soil Moisture Levels next morning, 8:00AM Sunday 10/6.

See images below for the screenshot displaying the soil levels before, and not showing them after. I have powerdrained the system, and restarted the app. No change.

Details on System and App:
Rachio Gen 2 (16 Zones)
Firmware Version iro2-formware-5-119
Rachio App version 3.15.6

Any thoughts or suggestions?


Check to see if you changed from Flex Daily to Flex Monthly.



I have been playing with scheduling and added a monthly Flex. Why is the Moisture Level not displayed with Monthly Flex?

Thank you for the help and quick reply.

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Flex Daily is the only schedule that really tracks “real time” moisture levels. The others are just seasonally shifting fixed schedules for the most part…

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