Soil moisture and precipitation


On another subject if someone could answer. I’m in Louisiana and it will have 20% chance of rain in the forecast everyday. Now we will get thunderstorms that pop up from nowhere in the afternoon. So it will pour for an hour. How will this effect my moisture percent in my yard. If the weather station adds in the amount of rain will it correct itself on my readings. Now last is what if it does not rain at the weather station.

What if Rain Bird or Hunter buys Rachio?

Hi @Mike4 ,
Great question, if you are on a flex daily schedule, we will record the amount of precipitation that the weather station recorded and will adjust your schedules accordingly for the future. We also try to be proactive with other schedules and look 12 and 1 hour before your schedule starts to see what are the odds of it actually raining or not. Based on what we forecast and observed in precipitation, we would skip that schedule if it is above your set threshold.


Thanks for the explanation!