Soil moisture 0%

Just a general question regarding my flex daily schedule. I recently set the “allowed depletion” setting to 30% and now all the zones are showing soil moisture of 0%. Being Bermuda grass growing in sand, the system runs almost every morning for a short period. I am happy with the growth results but was just curious since it use to show higher readings. Thanks.

0% in this case is what you have your allowed depletion set to. So the moisture scale now actually starts at 30% moisture and goes up from there.


was just researching this myself this morning, my depletion is 50%, a few zones show 0, other zones not scheduled.
If zero is the 50%, makes sense, still feeling this out, but i’m letting it do its thing.
one day it has several scheduled days to water, next morning i check, and its 1 day in 10 for watering.

(i do have 1 zone, in the moisture graph predicting watering , but its not scheduled, so thats a tic strange)
not sure when the schedule updates, i check every morning, just out of curiosity, but still letting it do its thing.