Soaking Not Working Right in Smart Cycle

I have 3 zones that are each watered for 1 hr in the same schedule. I have Cycle and Soak set to the default Smart Cycle. I want the whole cycle to take 3 hrs. What I’m finding is that Rachio is adding a Soak cycle where it is not needed, which increases the total watering time. Is anyone else seeing this problem? I have a screen capture of the History if that is useful to any developer, as well as a spreadsheet that easily shows the problem.

@tonyk1321 What is the schedule name in question?


Front Yard. Attached is the history file, and a PDF of the Excel spreadsheet that shows what’s going on.
Soaking Problem.pdf (392.1 KB)
Weather Wrong - 2024_06_16 100600 - Rachio.pdf (50.5 KB)

Thank you, I can have the engineering team review.


Attached is a screen capture of the history of the soaking problem. I previously attached a screen capture of a different problem that I would also like you to fix.

Soaking Problem - Screen Capture - 2024_06_16 075547 - Rachio.pdf (734 KB)