Soak Time

I have zones that sometimes run 1 hour. Soak time, is generally 30 minutes. Why not during 30 minute soak time, run another station to speed up time spent running the overall schedules?

I know the weatherTRAK unit that I had to replace with the Rachio when they went out of business would do that.

@emmelj - that is how Rachio operates its Smart Cycle on my yard. I’ve got four zones and they run for six minutes and then soak for 30 minutes. While zone 1 is soaking Rachio will water zone 2, 3 and 4, but it will then have to wait 12 more minutes before it can start zone 1 back up again.


Smart Cycle runs on one schedule at a time. While waiting for soak time to complete, Rachio will only water other zones that are on the same schedule. I have more than one flex schedule, as I have watering restrictions on lawn watering. What would be nice, is if a zone from a second schedule would start watering during soak times from the first schedule.

Is there a reason you can’t put your zones in the same schedule? If they are in the same schedule they work this way.

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Watering restrictions. Lawns water 3 days a week only. Gardens any day of the week.

@jkb, understood. Question was for @emmelj

Thanks. I didn’t have them on the same schedule. Why? I have no idea. Guess I was used to the old manual timed controller. I have deleted that and put them on 1 schedule.

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