Soak time: how I determine the time been applied for each zone?

Go to your schedule and look at watering durations.

Hi Linn and thank you for your response. I went to zone water durations but what I see is a total soak time. My question is how that total Soak time is distributed in the different Zones?

You can look in history for the last run of a schedule and find the start and stop times for each zone. If there is a soak time for a zone then it will start and stop 2 or more times so just calculate the time between the first stop and the second start and that’s the soak time. That’s the way my Flex Monthly schedule works so I assume that is the way a Flex Daily schedule does too.

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Thank you David that makes total sense! This is a Rachio newly installed and didn’t have any history. Today it run for the first time and like you said I was able to see how the total Soak time was allocated to the different zones.
Thank you