Soak cycle being skipped on SOME days

I am using a single Flex Daily schedule with 4 lawn zones and 1 perennial zone. This normally results in each of the lawn zones running for 24 minutes which is broken into cycles of 8 minutes watering of each zone followed by 7 minutes of Soak Cycle. So each lawn zone gets about 31 minutes of soak time between each 8 minutes of watering.

BUT, on days when the Flex Daily schedule also runs the perennial zone, it will run each of the lawn zones for 24 minutes and then move on to the perennial zone. So I start to get some runoff about 15 ~ 20 minutes into the lawn watering cycle. Why does it skip the Soak Cycle for my lawn zones on days that include my perennial zone?

@sdxeriscape That’s normal behavior for Flex Daily. Set up a separate schedule for any of your zones which have low rate emitters, which I assume that you’re using for your perennial zone.