So many waterings


Man, next week Rachio wants to water my grass 5 out of 7 days next week, I am outraged…

Oh wait…

You’re good Rachio, keep it up. At least it’ll be a partly cloudy 120


How can you live in such a place?


It is a dry heat!

Lets see how my waterings change with my weekend restrictions lifted.


It looks like we’re all pretty close. My CC is still up at 0.7 and I have a root depth of 9"


That’s where mine is right now…


@tmcgahey I approve of the profile picture update. It enhances my user experience when browsing the forum.


It was time to upload something…


and i was referring more to the content of your picture too :slight_smile:


You scared the crap out of me with the beginning of your post… At least you guys can just cook your morning eggs on the sidewalk instead of having to use your stoves.


@JPedrego needs an avatar.


I guess I have to balance out @tmcgahey


Hah, I had a strange feeling that might be coming!


Is there a way to hide certain people in this forum :stuck_out_tongue:


Gotta love it.


I’m glad there is a place for all the riff-raff in Tempe…

Just kidding @JPedrego (and the other ASU fans). I would have gone to ASU but I wanted to get out of the house and wasn’t about to head to California…


I’ve gotta play along.


What the heck is that mascott @azdavidr?


BTW, our new Doodle puppy is named Wilbur… :grin:


Same here, I grew up in north scottsdale but I wanted to get away

My wife is a Boilermaker and all of her family. I’m driving her hand-me down jeep right now with a Purdue sticker and license plate holder. Fortunately, I win in any discussion on where our kids are going… all I have to do is look up what tuition is there and end of discussion.


Cute, but you should have named him Mo. You would’ve had your very own Modawg.