So how much water do these plants need?


So I installed the gen 2 this weekend and I’m up and going. That was easy enough.

But I’ve probably created and deleted a dozen or more schedules because I’m not sure what’s going on and my perception of what needs X amount of water is sorely lacking.

The problem I have is I don’t know how much water
particular plants need. The old controller was set up to water the lawn every two days for 10 minutes. (Setup years ago by installer)

The lawn looks fine but now I read that watering frequently is bad so I went with the flex daily. Cool. Now it waters longer but less frequently.

But I also have a front slope covered in what someone has told me is a type of juniper. It was set to water 25 minutes every two days. In looking into junipers this was really dumb. Looks like they are not water hogs so that was a waste.

The flex daily wants to water them for two plus hours every 10 days or so. Is that right ??

I’m baffled by how the system decides how long to water based on such simple input when there are sooooooo many types of plants shrubs etc.

This particular plant is used as a ground cover on a slope and covers maybe 50’ x 15’ and is apparently juniper types don’t need much of any water during summer.

Fwiw. This is in the East Bay Area of California. No rain from May till November typically.


Oh. Here’s that mystery plant ground cover.