So far, saving water!

Last year’s water bill covering June and July, our household & outdoor water use total was 20,000 gallons. This year, it was 13,000 gallons for two months. Last year we were in drought restriction; I had a “dumb” controller. So I was thinking for sure I’d end up using more water this year with no restrictions. But, instead, and with great credit to the Rachio Iro’s Flex schedules and my advanced zone settings, we used 7,000 gallons less. And got better looking grass and healthier trees out of it. Really cool!

I think the reason I used more water last year was some incredibly inefficient daily watering of my trees (I realized this too late in the season; I was new to it) and watering my lawn on non-restriction days FAR too long, just wasting water to the depths of the earth. Rachio knew how to water from day one, I didn’t :slight_smile: (but did need to spend time getting advanced zone settings dialed in)


Must note we were allowed to water trees and food gardens whenever, not grass.

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@Kubisuro Thanks for sharing, we really appreciate these stories and hope to see many more!