We are building out our SmartThings Device Type, look out!

Any ETA on when this will be available ?

@mwhaley99 @cooperglee Has finished most of the code, I hope to start testing this week or next and get something out soon, been focusing the team on version 2.0 of the web and mobile so haven’t had as much time to devote to this. @cooperglee has built some very cool stuff, can’t wait to release it!

Cool, if you need a tester, let me know.

Dear Franz
We are a green wall & green roof building company from Argentina ( We are looking for an irrigation controller which could transmit via gsm or wifi an alert telling us when the irrigation system is not working properly (i.e, the water pump is not working or the flowmeter is showing irregular values).
Does Racio have a product which fits this requirement?
Thanks & Best Regards,

I’d be happy to test it out as well once you guys start working on it again, even if its a little rough maybe we could help!

@rohithashok and others, thank you for your willingness to help with our SmartThings integration. At this time we are focused on getting our 2.0 release finished. We’ll post a status update on the community when we’re ready to dig into SmartThings again.

Best, Emil

Is this dead in the water?, pardon the pun… Where can we get device type code for use with SmartThings?

We might get to this in the Fall or Winter, just not an urgent priority at the moment.

Definitely want to get this finished, just comes down to resources and our current backlog of work.


Any update on this?

Still on roadmap, we do really want to get to this, other higher priorities at the moment.

Will be ready for next watering season, hopefully sooner.


With the upcoming plantlink integration with Smarthings, it now makes more sense to integrate Rachio as well. Cant wait…

Did you try IFTTT? there a lot of rules to advice if something is wrong.