Smartthings Standby mode with v3


Hey all. The new v3 app looks great. Just updated and everything went well until I checked the status of rachio in my SmartThings. It’s now in “standby mode”. Before the update, everything worked great, no issues. Now smart things says standby, then I go to the Rachio app and it’s not. When I turn the Rachio App to standby then the Smartthings rachio says online. So something is switched. Other than that, looks and is great. Thanks.

Edit: I should also add that I did remove the Rachio SmartApp and readded it with the new login. Thanks

If this was already brought up then my apoligies. I did use the search and looked in the “It’s here! Rachio V3.0 App Update Released” posts.


I have the same issue. I’ve removed and reinstalled everything a couple of times, but SmartThings is convinced Rachio is in Standby when it isn’t.


Same issue here.


same thing here…


Same issue here.


This should be resolved.



Resolved here. Thank you.


Fixed here also. Thanks.