Smartthings OAuth error

When I linked my Rachio account to Smartthings it added my zones. I am able to turn on/off zones from within Smartthings but that is it. Smartthings does not offer any of the Rachio app features nor does it keep a log of any events. If I turn on a zone from the Rachio app it does not show the zone as on in smartthings.
I am trying to get smartthings to see when a zone is active so it can trigger a smart switch that turns on my fertilizer injector pump.
When I go to the smart apps in Smartthings and open Rachio I receive the “Error: OAuth is not enabled for the Rachio (Connect) application!!!. Please click remove and Enable Oauth under the SmartApp Settings in the IDE…”
With Groovy IDE no longer supported any suggestions on what I do to authorize Rachio in smartthings?