SmartThings integration update

I saw there was talk sometime back on this happening but I cannot find any recent updates. If I missed them in my search, sorry! Any update on SmartThings integration?

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@ssams We are working on it, but I can’t give a due date at the moment. We have most of the functionality complete, now it’s into the details and certification process. I’d like to get this out as much as anybody. I’ll post to the forums when available.



Glad to hear this! SmartThings has had some real hiccups this year, but I think they are starting to turn the corner with recent updates. (and having poached the director of engineering from Amazon :slight_smile: ) Looking forward to finally getting my Rachio today and SmartThings integration someday.

thanks! i will be watching out for it.

It’s interesting. As someone who was looking at the controller that uses ST as a brain (Spruce), I find Rachio to be smart enough as stand alone. Aside from some sort of “stop watering when xyz” instructions in real time unrelated to weather, I’m uncertain as to the value integration might bring. Don’t get me wrong… I’m hooking up once available… but still…

I agree. I have wondered too but I still want it. If I am doing HA, I want it all in one pane of glass. I don’t know enough about the integration or programming but I’d like to have status on my HA Panel when I get that up and running.

HA panel, you say…??? :chin scratch: interesting…

yes, working on one with Smartthings, Smarttiles, and a few other odds and ends. Cheap Kindle fire, wireless charger, magnets…



What’s the latest on integrating Rachio with ST?

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@2phez2 Currently working with ST on getting the app approved. No time frame as to when it will be available.



good to hear. of course i suppose that may be the hard part!

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They’re busy with stability issues… :wink:

But seriously, do you anticipate they slow your process because of their integrated controller? (Spruce… still nascent compared to Rachio, IMHO)


@obmd1, I heard they had some stability issues a month or two ago; saw some things on their blog that corrected that. I didn’t see any negative effects on my products (motion sensors, etc…) but maybe they’re still dealing with them.