SmartThings - Does not work for all Region Groups

I’ve been on the SmartThings forum trying to workout why when I try to add the Rachio Smart App I get an error " Couldn’t add device (Network or Server Error Occurred)

The suggestion was to contact Rachio as they suspect that the App you have published “indicates Rachio didn’t build their integration for all 3 regional groups.” Being in Australia, the region group I am using is . Can you please check if you are building the app as follows?

## OAuth2 client

You must generate an OAuth2 application from your cloud that supports the following SmartThings redirect URIs:

* (United States)
* (European Union)
* (Asia-Pacific)


I am using Rachio 3e in Region Europe (Eastern Europe) and I have tried to integrate with SmartThings. I have the latest apps from ST. When trying to connect Rachio to ST I can’t go trough the end of the installation process (the device is not being installed.!)image|281x499.

Any help to solve this issue is highly appreciated.

Thanks to both of you for bringing this to our attention. I will take a look at the integration to see if can be adjusted it to support all three regional groups.

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Hello. I’ve the same issue here in Spain. I can’t link and add Rachio device to the SMT app. Any update about this please?

Is the Smartthings integration working now? I was just about to order a new Rachio 3 but just stumbled on this issue. If it isn’t fixed and working, I will probably pass. Anyone have updates on it? Thanks!

Mine connects and seems to work, I just don’t see the point or benefit. I played with it in the past to make sprinklers turn on with motion, but otherwise the Rachio app is so powerful, I see no need for the ST integration and I removed it.

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