SmartThings App Version 1.8

Just a quick note for those of you trying to set up your controller in the SmartThings App version 1.8. SmartThings changed the way you link the service. To add your Rachio now, you need to select the “+” at the top right corner of the devices section. Then select “Add Device” then select the add button from the “Partner Devices” tile. Select Rachio from the list and follow the instructions from there.

Adding a linked service was separate from the add device in previous versions (as best I remember). I must have spent 2 hours trying to determine how to add a linked service only to find out it was combined with the add device section. Makes sense but I couldn’t find any documentation anywhere on Rachio or SmartThings or on a general internet search.

Boy, it’s been “add device” for as long as I can remember. The menus certainly look different since moving to the Edge driver system, but it hasn’t changed to my recollection.

Now, once you need to make changes, or re-link, you would find it under linked services…

That is probably true. I am getting older and things that change from the familiar are becoming a bigger challenge. I used to think I was pretty computer savvy. Fortran, Basic and Visual Basic aren’t as universally used as they once were (LOL). In any event I hope my comment helps someone. I was changing out a controller and for some reason I didn’t find the process as intuitive as it should have been - probably just me. I could have been confusing the process with Amazon Echo or another device…who knows.

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