Smarthings Integration

Has Smartthings removed support for Rachio integration? I am attempting to re-add my Rachio controller to Smartthings and Rachio no longer appears under devices or brands (Smartthings Android version

I am situated in Canada so thought maybe just a regional issue but when reviewing the Smartthings site there is no longer any mention of Rachio. The Rachio knowledgebase is now suspiciously absent of any detail on how to integrate with Smarthings.

Or am I missing something? Any help would be appreciated. thks

Mine still shows up under the irrigation products here in the US…Can you try searching for it? If you go to add device, you can search with the magnifying glass in the upper right corer. Start typing Rachio and it will pop right up.

Thanks @tmcgahey - Yep just tried again to verify that I am not crazy. Nothing for Rachio when I search Smartthings by device type, by brand, or using the search function. It has completely disappeared.

As stated I am on Android version of the new Smarthings app and am based in Canada so if you can still see it then I assume its one of those two factors that is causing my issue.

Must be a regional thing…wonder if that is an ST thing, or Rachio?

Since I have not seen any reports from elsewhere this must be a regional thing or something unique to me. Rachio support indicated that it’s most likely that SmartThings will be working again with Rachio but no ETA or explanation why this is happening. Smartthings support was horrendous and after numerous exchanges I have still not received any relevant response as to why I am encountering this.