Smart watch

I think it would be nice for them to make an app to go onto smart watches and the reason why is not necessarily to program your time but more for maintenance. Like example if you are mowing the lawn and one of you popup don’t go all the way down and you hit the nozzle the the lawn mower well you have to fix it so if you could use your watch it would be easier so instead of pull your phone out and turning on that zone you could do it by your smart watch. Who want there phone wet? You could turn that system on and go grab the head and turn it off with one hand touch the watch instead of trying to not get your phone wet and also one handed what is your guys thought about it. Also for new construction instead of getting you phone dirty just turn it on and off with watch to adjust head or check your pipe for leaks

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I don’t own a smart watch but I definitely hated getting my phone so wet and dirty when I was making adjustments in the yard one time.

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Good idea! I have a Pebble Time smart watch and would love to have a watch app vs. having to grab my phone out of my pocket. One hurdle to overcome, though, is what type of Smart Watches would the app be developed for; Pebble, Android or Apple … or all three?

I think all of them I have an Apple Watch but they need to do them all so everyone can use the bonuses of not having to get there phone wet

I think what you are looking for exists via The simplecommands watch app allows access to all rachio zones, controller and schedules. It also handles rain delay and other rachio commands.

-supports multiple controllers
-supports rain delay
-supports creating unique groups for zones if you want to run certain zones in serial outside the regular schedule
-lets you create friendly names for things so that you can use the SMS module via siri with less name trauma