Smart schedule should still take info during watering restriction periods

The smart schedule is great and believe would be improved by allowing the owner to add odd or even days, or specific days they are allowed to water. Based on this data, there are some new decision points in the calculations, but would be a great feature. Please forgive me if this is already an option and I just missed it.

Unless I’m misunderstanding what you are looking for, this is built right in. When you set up a new schedule, you have the ability to chose which days to water.

Options are:
Any Days
Specific Days - Allows you to check/uncheck each day of the week
Even/Odd interval

ai was looking for that in the Flex Daily, but it is available in the Flex Monthly. Thanks.

It is available in any schedule. With the Flex schedules, you are telling Rachio which days it CAN water, not necessarily that it WILL water.

But in the Flex Daily, you can select each day specifically, but not odd or even calendar days unless I am missing it. The Flex Monthly allows for odd and even calendar days.

When I try to modify the Flex Daily, it only allows me to select specific days of the week, odd or even days are not an option.

I think you have to create a new schedule.

You can’t change an existing day of week schedule to odd/even.

So delete (or disable) your existing schedule, then create a new one with your desired days.