Smart Hose Timer

Earlier this week I got the marketing email on the coming release for the Rachio Smart Hose Timer and can see that I can pre-order a kit that includes one valve and one WiFi Hub for the March release. There doesn’t seem to be a way to order the valve by itself at this point.

Looks like a very interesting product that I could potentially use, but couldn’t seem to find many details. I only found one unanswered community post from 9 days ago about this product as well.

Is there any more information on this product?

Is the WiF Hub necessary? What’s is its purpose? Can more than one valve connect to a single WiFi hub? If so, how many? Is there a distance limitation between the valve and the WiFi Hub? Why not have the valve(s) connect to the Smart Controller like the Flow Meter?

Assuming multiple valves can share a single WiFi Hub, can i pre-order the valves now like the kit?

What wireless spec is supported? Is it 2.4G or 5G, etc.?

Does this new product integrate into the existing Rachio app or require a new/separate app? I would hope it is the same application, but if new, is there support for Android OS?

What about scheduling options? I would hope this valve becomes a new Zone and therefore can be added to new or existing Schedules?

Would love to get more details before I make the investment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much. The FAQs answer almost all of my questions.

However, what is not answered is my question about using more than one Smart Hose Timer valve with a single WiFi Hub? Since the valve uses Bluetooth to communicate with the WiFi Hub, is that a 1:1 relationship or can a single WiFi Hub be shared by multiple Smart Hose Timer valves?

@leonardtscott Thanks for posting; I needed to look for the specifications of the upcoming Smart Hose Timer Valves as well. I found the FAQ’s helpful too, finding it after you mentioned it. I found this offer of two SHTV’s with one hub, thus verifying multiple units on one Hub. Smart Hose Timer Kit + Valve Bundle

However, after contacting my Pro department, they responded that the maximum # of SHTV’s on one Hub is 8 Units which looks like it would cover most applications out there. Maybe they will update the FAQ’s and add this item to the specifications.

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Thanks you very much for the link to the bundle and for the details on the number of valves supported by a single WiFi hub. This is very helpful! Hopefully, the FAQ and specifications get updated so others don’t have to hunt for it like we did :wink:.
I went ahead and pre-ordered the bundle with the extra savings offer for Presidents Day. For now, 2 valves to a single hub meets my needs, but it is nice to know I can add more if needed.