Smart Hose Timer on separate water supply

I have a Rachio controller for watering the lawn with lake water where the Rachio uses a relay to turn on a pump using the Master Valve M Terminal. I would like to get a Smart Hose Timer and put that on a separate home water supply (not controlled by that relay and Master Valve) so that I can use the Smart Hose Timer remotely when there is cold weather at this vacation home to prevent the water filtration system and pipes from freezing. If I create a schedule for the Smart Hose Timer, will that try to turn on the Master Valve / relay? If so, is there a feature where I can exempt that schedule from turning on the Master Valve / relay?

[EDIT] Just reading the thread on how this might not be possible. 10 years of waiting on a feature that the community has been asking for @franz ?

Running the hose timer won’t turn on your master valve. It’s totally separate from the controller.