Smart Hose Timer Hub Cannot Configure - SSID mismatch to MAC Address

Attempted many times to configure my Smart Hose Timer Hub, however it consistently fails at the “Setting Up Your Hub” phase. I have a Rachio 3 Controller already configured and running and other 2.4GHz devices, so that shouldn’t be the issue. The best thing I can think of is that there is an issue between the MAC Address (and associated serial # as well) with the SSID the device is broadcasting during configuration.

I am instructed to connect to the SSID ending in _9D:5E (which match the last 4 hex in the MAC address listed on the back of the device):

However, the SSID broadcasted from this device is actually different (_46:35):

Do I need to RMA this thing?

@tfreitas Sorry to see you are having issues. Can you PM me the serial number and I will have the engineering and customer success team look into this immediately.

Thanks for your patience!


@tfreitas I PM’ed you, but for others here was my response.

Ok, it looks like the wrong label was put on the device. Here is the correct serial #, please enter it manually.


I will followup with the logistics team and figure out how this happened.

Thanks again for your patience.