Smart hose timer API requests

@franz or @dane, is there a preferred channel to request modifications/improvements to the smart hose timer API? I’ve mentioned a couple on a different thread, but I’m not sure that’s the most effective place for requests. Thanks

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You can do here, just tag me so I see it and I can review with the product and engineering team.


Thanks @franz!

Ill post a couple now that have come up…

  • The ability to enable/disable a hose timer schedule through the API. The current method of finding and skipping individual runs is ok, but also kind of a pain. Would it be possible to add enable/disable schedule, or even make the createSkipOverride endpoint act like its delete counterpart where not providing a timestamp would skip all upcoming runs, or just the next run. Or something like the rain delay on the controller…
  • Webhook support would be real nice, probably for your servers as well as us users.
  • Add the name assigned to the base station, which I guess would involve assiging a name to the base station. At a minimum it would be nice to know what “home” the base is assigned to for origizational purposes. Right now the only identifier is by the address, but for privacy I could see people not wanting to include that in 3rd party systems.
  • The name “lastWateringAction” is kind of misleading as it’s esstially current watering action, but that’s not a huge deal once you figure out what it means.

Thats all I can come up with at the moment, I’m sure I (or someone else) will come up with more :grinning:


Thank you for posting @Brg468 . I’ll make sure the engineering and product team reviews these.