Smart hose history

I have had Rachio since we the first beta version but just brought the smart hose (2).

  1. Where is the history for smart hose (I know where it is for valves / rain delay but can’t see rain delay or run times etc for smart hose. The chat with was useless in giving me info. Lol. It seems smart hose is not delaying for rain despite me setting that setting and the valves being delayed.

  2. I understand they use Zigbee so curious, if I have other zigbee devices and smart things hub, the signal will be boosted beyond the smart hose hub range? Since that’s how they work by intercommunication across by hopping across this “mesh”. Actually heard rachio used Lora so begs the question why not zigbee or z-wave which is well proven.

Ok. Update, I understand LORA better now and why it’s better for this app.

I also noticed a notification from Rachio that my hose WILL be skipped but still can’t find history for when notifications are muted to know.