Smart(er) Water Budgeting/Weather Intelligence 'Roadmap'

I wanted to list out some enhancements we will be building into our water algorithms over the next few iterations so that there is complete transparency with our passionate community.

We have learned a lot since our early adopters started using our device. We have received some incredible feedback, some great, some good, and some bad. Any and all feedback is valuable to us as we strive to build the most efficient controller on the market.

We are listening and are already thinking/building the next generation of our software.

The old adage garbage in/garbage out couldn’t be more appropriate in terms of water adjust times.

Our next release we are focusing on allowing more custom input in regards to nozzle flow rates as well as soil types. This should help a lot with our initial schedule creation and adjustments.

Most controllers on the market force you to set your own watering times, and then adjust from there. I view that as a much easier approach than what we are striving for. I hope with making it easier to accept user configurable zone characteristics we can better calibrate our initial schedule and try to do more of the ‘heavy’ lifting.

Our very next release for weather intelligence (rain delay) is going to use watering needs, and not just precipitation totals.

In parallel with weather intelligence we are going to re-factor our water budgeting to better adjust in a much ‘smoother’ way.

I’ve mentioned this before but our next approach involves taking a more holistic approach to weather intelligence (rain delay) and water budgeting.

My promise to the community is we will continue to build and improve these core features.

The Iro should be an extension of your landscape, efficiently conserving one of our most precious resources.