Smart Cycle not Soaking

Hey all,

I’ve had smart cycle enabled on my flex plan for quite some time but have never had it adjust to having soak times. It’s an option I’d appreciate if possible.

Nozzle type: rotary

Is this just as the waters depleted and at high volumes to fill soil so no need?

You can force your zones to have a soak time by adjusting the slope setting from flat to one of the other settings.

Note: Soak only works for zones that have Spray Head set to spray, rotor or rotary selected. If you have drip emitter selected for a zone and you want that zone to soak, you need to change the Spray Head setting from drip to one of the spray settings. But then you will need to adjust the nozzle inches lower to get the correct amount of water.

Thanks so much for the answer. I might try adjusting the slope steeper. Heads are set to “rotor” and slopes to “slight”. Maybe moderate will do the trick.

If slopes aren’t steep is it not helpful to soak then? Seems weird to have the option “smart cycle” checked and it not engage. Guess it’s smarter than me lol

You should look at how the sprinklers are actually running. They are probably splitting those 55 minute runtimes into smaller segments so that’s you’re soak time. One zone is running while another soaks. Soak time is wonky shown when no zones are running. You won’t see a soak time when Rachio splits that 55 minutes.

Thanks! I switched to manual to try and force it on. The most recent waterings always switch it off and the ones in the distance show it will preform it. 2 or three days out disappears. Below is an example of how it just cancels it just prior.

Does this signal so much depletion it doesn’t think it needs it?