Smart Cycle: Confusing!

I’m on a fixed day watering schedule: Wednesdays and Sundays.

I have an 8-zone system with 1 zone being bubblers, and 2 zones being a mixture of rotary nozzles and fixed spray heads. My smart cycle doesn’t appear to work, and on the rotary zones (currently set to 33m each) I’m getting puddling.

Silty Clay, St. Augustine grass.

What gives?

I did some research on here, and it looks like I need to set a watering schedule for EACH ZONE? That seems ridiculous and defeats the purpose of the “ease of use” of the Rachio System.

What is the best way to get my smart cycle to work?


If this is the only solution I have done the following:

Setup 3 different watering schedules: 1- All fixed nozzle zones, 2- Drip zone, 3- Rotary zones. This appears to show the smart cycling schedule and soak times.

It would be great for Rachio to develop an update that solves this issue in ONE watering schedule.


Any schedule with a drip zone will result in smart cycle being disabled for that schedule so you could reduce your schedule by combining the fixed nozzle and rotary zones and smart cycle will still work.