Smart City

A smart city needs Rachio smart controllers in every yard!

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Yes, absolutely! Rachio needs to develop a drip setting, since i doubt you will see much turf and traditional landscapes there. I dont see any wifi smart controller with a decent drip platform. This land purchased by Mr. Gates is 50 miles west of Phoenix. It will be exciting to see what happens. It’s crazy how Phoenix has grown over the past 30 years.

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This will definitely be something to watch!

To me, this is a business loss for his investment group, for tax purposes…

Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea, but it is designed to be a commuter town. How many people are really going to commute 50+ miles each way to work every day…

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Love the technology aspect, but even though the press release says, “more than 3,800 acres for office, commercial and retail space” I agree that this will add to the spread of the Valley.

People who live in Anthem drive 32 miles to downtown.

Another big question is water supply for a development that will be approximately the size of Tempe.

Completely agree. The difference is that I’m assuming the price point of homes in this area will be out of the reach of most people. Those that can afford it might not be the ones looking to commute.

The infrastructure is another aspect to contend with. Not sure if it will have its own inclusive water and wastewater, or pull from neighboring Buckeye. Either way, the infrastructure is going to be massive.

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Yes, I think this would be horrendous for valley spread. I cannot conceive the traffic this will cause. People in the Phoenix area love their cars. But maybe rail could bring these people to work and connect to the Phoenix light rail system