Smaller interval adjustments to soil moisture

I couldn’t find a suggestion on this before, but I would love the ability to adjust soil balance by 0.01 inch increments. Example: I have 3 grass zones that I want watered together because of overlap. While my settings are the same across zones, sometimes they don’t match each other due to various reasons and the only way I can get their levels to be the same is to empty or fill. I would like the ability to change a zone’s moisture balance manually. You can see in my screenshot that two of my zones are scheduled to water tomorrow and one is not.


I’m confused why their schedules wouldn’t match up- you said their settings are exactly the same? Either way, I like the idea of having more control over that moisture balance! You said inches- do you mean by percent increments or am I misunderstanding?

Well in this case I was adjusting down the coefficient last week to decrease watering frequency and I left one zone 5% higher than the others so that got thrown off. Moisture levels also get off sometimes when I manually run a zone for various reasons (fixing sprinkler heads, kids playing, etc). I said inches because the moisture graph shows the number in inches… it shows percentage too, but I’m thinking inches will match up the zones more evenly.

Oh that makes sense! And I was looking at the graph in the app, but now seeing your screen grab I agree inches may be more accurate. What about being able to manually run without counting to the moisture balance?

Well when I use the sprinklers, no matter what the reason, I want it to count towards my overall water use/schedule… so I’d rather not pretend the watering didn’t happen So if I run the sprinklers in one zone for 10 minutes to let the kids play, I want that 10 minutes to go towards my moisture balance. I try to run the other 2 zones when something like this happens so that the entire lawn is watered together and rises in the moisture balance together, but since all 3 zones have different PR’s based off my catch cup test, it’s not the easiest to get the aligned. Same thing goes if I end up running a zone for a few minutes during sprinkler testing, etc.

I think that’s a good way to go about it, the reason I asked was we do sometimes get requests for a “maintenance mode” where a manual run doesn’t count towards your moisture balance. I agree though, you are still putting water down, so I don’t really understand why you wouldn’t want it to count!