Small delay (0-x mins) between watering zones

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I have to say that the Rachio 3 is simply fantastic. When you take the time to get your specific parameters for your garden, it will reliably do it’s thing.

Could you possibly consider adding an option for a delay between watering of zones ?

In my case, I have a 5v DC flow-meter (AliExpress type jobbie - works great) connected to a Raspberry Pi. I mainly use it for leak detection - there should be no water flow when no zone is operating.

What would be great is for my flow rate to be able to drop to zero, and if it does, I know I am changing zones, from one to the next. I want to use the API to then read the zone being watered, for displaying on a Node-Red Dashboard.

Reading another post just now, a user has zones connected to a buffer tank which is in turn connected to a well. A delay between zones would allow a pump to fill a tank up before the next zone commences, if the watering rate exceeded that of the pump.

Well done overall :+1:

Does the following fit your needs? Delay Between Zones - How to include a well in your irrigation setup

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Ah brilliant - exactly what I needed. One minute added to all schedules

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