Slow response on app

Has anyone had there controller app respond very slowly

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I can’t even get the app to go past the logo.

Yes, me too. Thought it was my wifi as I was playing around with it.

But concluded it’s Rachio

Agreed. Must be Rachio. I powered down with no effect. Reset my WiFi no effect. Deleted the app and reinstalled and still no better.
Help please Rachio.

Mine does finally respond after a minute or so

Interesting, mine says something about “something went wrong”. The web app seems fine, nothing showing up on the status page.

The app seems to be fine this morning.

No issues from my side. I am using a Pixel 6 phone and also a Pro version of 6. As of this morning, it is working fine. Try clearing the app’s cache and storage and sign back into the app.

Rachio is fairly new…I have a feeling they may have server issues from time to time…with just a mi-nute amount of down time. I usually restart my phone (which is always good practice) and the problem is gone…Rachio works perfectly…I may even restart my Star-Link just incase…I have dish network and every night it goes into a reboot…Its called memory leak when some bytes are lost to a program…pretty smart to just reboot every night instead of commiting possibly thousands of hours to a program that maybe totally re-written in a short span of time. In my youth I stayed up for “hours” into the night, learning printer control strings (via DOS)…just to move my address over 1/16th of an inch when I printed my “home address labels”…Yeah I got issues…lol lol