Slow down watering not total amount

I don’t want to change the amount of water used in a zone. But I want it to slow down some to reduce the runoff .

Some zones when they’re water overflow the planter. The water doesn’t quite soak in fast enough. So is there a setting to slow down the watering So that it has time to soak in for it flows over the short planter lip. Something like water one minute, stop for a minute, and repeat till finished.

Cycle soak.

How is the zone set up? If your precipitation rate is high enough to allow standing water, the system should automatically do a cycle soak (default when setting up a schedule is to smart cycle), if you had checked that option when setting up the schedule…or, you can force it with a manual cycle soak.

Simple way to force it is to change the slope of the zone to steep, or edit the schedule and add your own cycle soak.

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It is already on smart cycle with Flex daily.

I like the idea of changing the slope, currently it is on flat. I will jump to moderate to see how it goes. Than you.

Slope has no affect on anything other than cycle soak, so max it out. Or, like I said, edit the schedule to manually add the soak.

Just curious, what type of irrigation is putting out this much water, and what are your Rachio settings for it?

Standard pop up sprinkler heads. The dirt is almost level with my concrete, I should do some maintenance so there is a bit more edging to keep the water contained.

The water runs across my driveway so I always see, more of I hate seeing it run over the concrete unnecessarily… and wondered if just spreading out the watering would improve it.

Gotcha. Your first post said planter, so I thought these were planter beds or something.

Soak might help. Depending on how compact the dirt is, you might still see some runoff. Aeration maintenance would be good to do next spring.

Otherwise, you could swap out the heads with a lower flow nozzle like the Hunter MP-Rotators, or K-Rain that Rachio sells.