Sleep for "nn" days

Good suggestion indeed!

Great idea Frank. In our upcoming release next week, we will have automatic schedule creation and rain delay.

We’re pretty excited about the rain delay feature. It will allow you to sleep the system for 24 hours from the time you kick it on. The really cool thing is that the Iro can turn it on itself based on weather. There will be visual indication of it on the home screen.

You can also quickly turn it off if you change your mind or think that the Iro has incorrectly turned it on.

That’s great. The reporting will be key now, i.e. IRO came on but it rained (amber). It didn’t come on, after 3 days when it hasnt’t rain (red) or it didn’t connect to confirm synch with current settings (red)… stuff like that… ALL GOOD. People will learn to trust the IRO and just “set-it and forget it”.

Ability to set dates for sleep. In my area they do waste watering averaging and Utility Company ask that you turn off sprinklers during an assigned 3 month period during winter. Would be great to set that and not have to remember when to shut it off and turn it back on.

@mafaero‌ @franky_Brit‌ I know this might not be exactly what you are asking for, but the 1.5 release (Android out now, iOS waiting to appear in App Store) supports setting a rain delay for up to 7 days.