Slave wifi valve receiver/trigger, I have power!

I have four valves that wires can reach from Rachio 3. I have seven OTHER valves that have power near them (120v ac), but can not run wires from Rachio 3 to those valves (too much concrete). A remote, wifi connected, AC powered valve-command-repeater would be great. The Rachio would just have to make the valve commands available on the network in addition to the signal on the physical output terminals for energized valves.

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I am in a similar situation to the above, however have an original Rachio v1.

I am currently looking into a way to be able to complete the above using maker materials (arduino etc) but would rather purchase something off the shelf.

Additionally, I would like to see Rachio integrate a water tank feature or through API that would allow the controller to understand - there is a limited supply of water available to it.

Am sure there are a number of individuals such as us that would appreciate a slave unit that can trigger soleniods.

Did you find a solution for controlling you other valves? I have the same situation - two valves with no way to run wire to them. I too have power at these valve locations. Currently just running them with a dumb controller.

Nothing yet. Not hopeful.