Skipping a day

Can my G3 achios be set to only automatically skip my morning lawn waterings on Mondays? Or skip Mondays entirely? This is because my landscapers mow the grass on Monday mornings. Or would this have to be done manually each time? I saw a previous post it was too convoluted for a luddite.

I was able to skip a day when I had my RainDials.

If you are on a schedule that’s normally allowed to run any day, go to the schedule, click on interval, and then unclick Mondays’s.

Makes no sense. Interval only allows for daily watering or gaps from every two days to rvery three weeks. No option to skip a day weekly. Days of the week do not appear in interval.

So I just set up a test schedule. I’m used to setting up using specific days. If you are using even/odd interval days, daily interval or hourly interval it doesn’t appear to show. Perhaps someone else knows how to stop just one day in those cases.