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Am i losing my mind, or did there use to be the functionality of being able to skip to the next zone while currently running either a manual or scheduled cycle? I can’t find it with the new update.
I’m having my sprinklers blown out this week and need to be able to skip to the next zone when the current one is sufficiently blown out. Having to stop and start each zone will not only be a PIA, but may also be harmful (?). I’ve always heard you don’t want the have all valves closed at the same time when blowing it out or the pressure may blow some of the heads??

I can’t recall exposing that functionality through our app, so you might be losing your mind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You can use our remote to run one individual zone for an amount of time, or run multiple zones for a known amount of time. If you enable water hammer on the device it will keep the first running zone on for 10 seconds while starting the second zone.

Hope this helps. Someday I’m sure we will add zone skip to the app.

Maybe someone can help with the dos and don’ts around sprinkler blowout, unfortunately I can’t help there.


@Derekjmn, valid concern (and great feature request!). Your concern is a timing issue. Just make sure you start a schedule before connecting the air line to the back flow and you’ll be fine.

A trick I always use to do back in my sprinkler tech days was to open a drip zone as a “bleed” valve while cycling through the turf zones. This isn’t feasible with a small compressor, but if your landscaper has a tow behind unit and it’s configured to output the proper pressure and volume, you can blowout multiple zones at once. Just be mindful not to let one zone run for too long as it can get hot and cause damage. Hope this helps.

Best, Emil

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This would be an important feature for me! My sprinkler guy was a little peeved that we had to run each zone for a specific amount of time and were not able to just skip to the next zone.

Please add this feature before next summer!

@Karp13, did you give your sprinkler guy shared access or landscaper access to your controller? Just curious what they thought of that?

+1 for the Skip to next zone function.

+1 for the skip to next zone function as well.

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Installed my system today and I can’t believe there’s not a zone skip feature. Every spring when you open your system you need to cycle through the zones to ensure functionality and zone coverage accuracy. It takes a different amount of time for each zone. Every fall you have to winterize each zone. Each takes a different amount of time. This would be SO EASY to implement. You could simply do a manual run with 10 min in each zone with a skip button. Here’s a starting point image for you. I hope it’s in version 3!

Hey @Bill.Maupin!

This is a very high priority feature request, and while I can’t divulge too many secrets, I think you will be pleasantly surprised with our v03 software release.

McKynzee :rachio:

Any hint on a release date?

That’s where I can’t be of much help, no dates yet- I’m sorry!