Skip status (rain, wind, etc) in dashboard

Good morning rachio team,
thanks for all the great improvements on the UI. Love them.

it would be very helpful if you could integrate the current status of the various automated skip functions somewhere in the main dash. I know I can go and find it in the history section for details. I suggest a little box somewhere that shows which skip functions a user has enabled in the settings (rain level, wind, freeze, rains sensor), and what the status of these skip triggers is (e.g. by color, or by on/off, or else).
Thanks for considering our input!

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One thing that exists now is the state of a skip in the “Upcoming” widget right under the forecast. Basically, it shows you what schedules will be coming up next and when (may be tomorrow, maybe be a few days from now).

That also updates when it looks like a skip will take place. I believe this is usually within 24 hours of the scheduled run, since weather can change and while a forecast may call for lots of rain 72 hours out, 24 hours out may have updated to clear and sunny day. The graphic used differs based on the skip type so you can get some info about what’s happening without digging in to sub views.

Is that similar to the idea you were thinking?


@zachio (clever name choice btw!), I was more thinking of an “at a glance” overview somewhere on the top, that signals if you are a go/no go. I tried to visualize the idea. If one or more of the triggers are red, system is red and you know why without further digging. My apologies for the crude template, rachio could certainly make this not only visually pleasing, but also include the Flow Meter status (e.g. leak shut off). In gray are the triggers a user had not set, green signals trigger below set threshold, red above.

@zachio my apols, only saw your answer right now in an old email…
I made my suggestion a bit too early, as you are exactly right. After using it now for an extended period I discovered that most triggers make their way very organically to the dash. Love it, and thanks for your patience!