Skip one zone on next schedule


Is it possible to skip just one zone on a future schedule for X amount of time ? One of my zone doesn’t need water at all and I want to skip that zone till the next event.

Any ways to achieve this?

@maurib, we have a rain delay feature, but it’s a global skip for all zones and schedules – if I’m understanding correctly, you’d like to only skip one zone for one watering event? If so, you could simply disable that zone from the watering schedule; see step 3 in this support article.

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Disabling the zone means that it won’t activate till I enable the zone again.? Sound like a very manual process. So there is no way to skip it lets say just one time and enable it for the next time the schedule run ?
A “rain delay” feature per zone is more likely what I’m looking for I think… The thing is that one of my zone got overwatered and want to skip that zone only one time.

The only other way I can think of is setting the zone minutes to zero if you don’t want to remove from the schedule.

There is no current way to just skip one zone in a schedule.

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@maurib, interesting idea nevertheless. I don’t think we’ve heard this request before. In short, you’d like to snooze a zone on demand.

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Here’s a couple examples of where this would be handy. My kids have an inflatable water slide bounce house out in a zone area and the ground is saturated. I would like to skip that zone once or twice. The second would be if I had some items (in this case the deflated bounce house that needs drying before packing back up) around the yard that needed to be in that area and I didn’t want the sprinklers to hit for a day or 2.

To me it would make sense to have that option right from the schedule run screen. Maybe swipe the zone for number of days to skip watering?

What type of schedule is this? if it is Flex Daily you could manually adjust the water level for the zone so that the Rachio doesn’t think it needs to be watered. ‘Fill’ the zone and it would get skipped. However, if this isn’t happening naturally (except for the water slide scenario), then there are probably problems with how the zone is configured and the root of the problem is getting the zone set up correctly so that you don’t have to touch it at all.

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I’d be interested in this as well.

Setting a zone to zero minutes, temporarily disabling the zone, or adjusting the water level are not desirable fixes. They are manual steps that require manual undoing later. The goal of having an automated irrigation system is just that - it’s as automated as possible.

In my case, I have zones with different characteristics and sometimes they all line up at the same time to water which is a ~14 hour watering cycle if they all go together. I’d like to “snooze” or “delay one day” with a simple click and not have to remember to come back later and reverse a manual step. For me, I’ve been filling the zone one day and emptying it the next, but again that’s a manual process I’d like to get away from. I have some zones that can water a day later and won’t be adversely effected, so a “snooze” or “delay” on a per-zone basis is ideal.

Please consider adding this. Thanks.