Skip one zone on next schedule



Is it possible to skip just one zone on a future schedule for X amount of time ? One of my zone doesn’t need water at all and I want to skip that zone till the next event.

Any ways to achieve this?


@maurib, we have a rain delay feature, but it’s a global skip for all zones and schedules – if I’m understanding correctly, you’d like to only skip one zone for one watering event? If so, you could simply disable that zone from the watering schedule; see step 3 in this support article.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Disabling the zone means that it won’t activate till I enable the zone again.? Sound like a very manual process. So there is no way to skip it lets say just one time and enable it for the next time the schedule run ?
A “rain delay” feature per zone is more likely what I’m looking for I think… The thing is that one of my zone got overwatered and want to skip that zone only one time.


The only other way I can think of is setting the zone minutes to zero if you don’t want to remove from the schedule.

There is no current way to just skip one zone in a schedule.

Hope this helps.



@maurib, interesting idea nevertheless. I don’t think we’ve heard this request before. In short, you’d like to snooze a zone on demand.